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This page shows a list of your registered members. You can update their settings, give them administrator status and set their user class among other things.

The sort order can be changed by clicking on the column heading. The displayed columns can be changed by clicking on 'Edit Display Options', selecting the required columns, then clicking on 'Search/Refresh'


Show this user's profile (can also click on their display name)


Edit the settings for this user.


Determine whether the user can access the site.


This activates a user who would normally have replied to the activation email.

Resend Email

Resends the activation email to the user.

Test email

Check user's email address for validity (doesn't send an email)

Set Class

Set class membership for a user


Totally removes the user from membership of the site (any forum posts, comments etc remain, and are flagged as from a 'Deleted User')

Users Front Page

This is the main user management page. You can configure the display fields using the options icon, the available fields are listed below with the defaults in bold.

  • ID

  • Status

  • Display name

  • Login Name

  • Real Name

  • Custom title

  • Password

  • Photograph

  • Avatar

  • Email address

  • Signature

  • Hide email

  • XUP file

  • User class

  • Join Date

  • Last Visit

  • Current Visit

  • Comments

  • Last Post

  • IP Address

  • Ban

  • Prefs

  • Visits

  • Admin

  • Perms

  • Password Change

Quick Add User

This page allows you to create a user, who is immediately a normal member of the site, with whatever class memberships you assign.

If you check the 'Send confirmation email with password to new user' box, the login name and password are sent in clear, so the user must change their password on receipt.

  • Display name

  • Username (login name)

    • Random user name

  • Real Name

  • Password

    • Random password

  • Re-type Password

  • Email Address

  • Require Confirmation

    • Send confirmation email with password to new user

  • Set Classes

    • PRIVATEMENU (Grants access to private menu items)

    • PRIVATEFORUM1 (Example private forum class)

  • Make admin

    • Set Permissions

Extended fields would also be displayed here.

Prune Users

Bulk deletes unwanted users from the database. These may be either those who failed to complete the registration process, or those whose email addresses bounced. Any forum posts, comments etc remain, and are flagged as from a 'Deleted User'.

Delete Unverified Users

Delete Unverified Users Over 30 Days

Delete Bounced Users


Sets various options affecting all users.

Allow Avatar Upload

If enabled, users may upload an avatar of their choice, which is stored on your server. This can have security implications.

Allow Photo Upload

If enabled, users may upload a photo of their choice, which is stored on your server. This can have security implications.

Maximum avatar width (in pixels)

(default is 120)

Maximum avatar height (in pixels)

(default is 100)

Allow users to rate users

  • Yes

  • No

Allow comments in user profile

  • Yes

  • No

Force user to update settings

Enabling this option will automatically send the user to their user-settings if a required user field is not filled.

  • Yes

  • No

Delete unverified users

Delete signups if unverified after this amount of time - leave blank to not use this option This option is ignored if user signups are admin moderated - set in minutes.

Online User Tracking

This must be enabled to keep track of most user activity, including counts of online members. It does increase database activity significantly.

Member Information

Determines which class of members can view the member list.

New user probationary period (days)

Admin can impose restrictions during this period in some areas - set in days.

User ranks

Rankings can be created for your users.

  • Type

  • Rank Name

  • Lower Threshold

  • Lang Prefix

  • User Rank Image

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