With emoticons activated, standard smiley text strings will be replaced by their respective emoticon images throughout the content in your site.

Emote activation

To enable emotes on your site navigate to Admin Area > Settings > Emoticons and check the "Activate emoticons?" box in the "Emote activation" tab. Then click the update button.

Installed packs

In the next tab along, "Installed Packs", you will see a list of the emote packs which are installed. This will display the default emote pack issued with a new e107 system, plus those you have installed.

  • Name - the name of the emote pack

  • Emotes - sample images that will display

  • Status - shows which pack is active, if any.

  • Options for the system administrator.


This page displays all emoticons that display when a specific text is entered - the so-called emote code.

  • Image - the image file that is displayed.

  • Name - the filename of the image that is displayed.

  • Emote codes - the text someone can enter to display the emote.

TIP: It is possible to associate multiple emote codes with one emoticon. To do so, simply separate them by spaces. For example: :D :oD :-D

You can Save Configuration or Cancel the changes using the appropriate buttons.

Generate XML

If you've manually created or modified the definitions, you can create an XML file for import elsewhere.

To automatically generate the XML, please make sure that the directory e107_images/emotes/default/is writeable.

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