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Check for Updates

Run this tool and check any issues, if in doubt, search the e107 forums for your issue.

Check database validity

This database utility verifies the database tables for the core, plus any installed plugins.

Choose table(s) to validate

  • core

  • banner

  • chatbox

  • download

  • poll

Click Start Verify


Success DB successfully verified - no problems were found.

Optimize SQL database

This feature uses MySQL built in function OPTIMIZE TABLE for each of your database tables. You should use this periodically to ensure optimum database performance, specifically when you have performed large data changes, such as data imports.

Note that MySQL locks the table during the time OPTIMIZE TABLE is running, so you should place your site in Maintenance Mode before use.

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Scan plugin directories

Use this tool to make sure your plugins are working correctly in the database and that the install went smoothly. It will tell you if a plugin is installed or not and any errors that are present.

Running the scan generates a list:

Name Directory Included add-ons Installed

Preferences Editor

Advanced Users Only

It will show you how your preferences information is stored in the database and how it is stored exactly. Most people would be better off editing the preferences from the site Preferences tool.

If you are to use this make sure you know exactly what your change will do, otherwise use phpMyAdmin and make a backup before any changes are made.

The tool generates a lost of preferences:

  • Delete

  • Pref. Name

  • Pref. Value

  • Options > Delete


Check database record validity

Checks the status of your data.

DEV's CODE NOTES: Code in db_verify.php > Requires integration with db.php.

Import Site Data

Provides a facility to upload XML file containing your data.

Export Site Data

Provides data export function.

Select Required Data > Run Export > Save XML Data File.

Take care of Data Protection Legislation in your region, it may not be permitted to share certain data.

Scan override directory

Scans plugin and theme directories for custom shortcodes.

Convert DB to UTF-8

Checks and converts all your data to UTF-8 format and sets the database to default.

DEV CODE NOTE Incomplete.

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