Meta Tags

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Meta Tags are are one of the tools used by search engines to help classify websites and improve search results. Ensure that you enter appropriate values in the Meta Tags screen to help search engines classify your website correctly. This is part of making your website Search Engine Optimised (SEO).


Enter an accurate description of your website of around 20 words. It's important to actually describe your company, product or organisation rather than the technical features your website. It is helpful to think about what your visitors will be using as search terms.


Enter keywords and phrases separated by commas. Again, think about what your visitors will be searching for.

Enter your copyright information.


Enter the name of the owner of the materials, person or company names.

Custom tags (inside <head> tags)

Custom tags (after <body>)

Custom tags (before </body>)

Use news title and summary as the meta-description on news pages.

Checking this box inserts automatically uses the "News Title" field - so it is also important to use appropriate news titles!

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