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e107 News Management Overview

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News Front Page

Admin Area » Content » News

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Create News Item

Admin Area » Content » News » Create News Item

General Body will be displayed on the main page; extended will be readable by clicking a 'Read More' link.

Show title only Enable this to show the news title only on front page, with clickable link to full story.

Activation If you set a start and/or end date your news item will only be displayed between these dates.

General Information








Upload an image or file for use in the news item


  • Refresh

====Image selector===

  • e107_images/generic/blank.gif

Choose an image for this news item


Post News to Database

  • Stay in edit mode


Friendly URL string

To make this work, you need to enable 'SEF URLs' config profile from URL Configuration area

Meta keywords

Meta description

Advanced Options


  • Enabled

  • Disabled

Allow comments to be posted to this news item

Render type

Select how and where news item is posted

  • Default - post to front page

  • Title only - post to front page

  • Post to other news menu

  • Post to other news menu 2


Activate between entered dates.

Only show news item between certain dates

Date stamp

Check box to update date stamp of news item to current time

Set the date stamp for the current news item


Choose which visitors will see news item

  • Everyone (public) (Fixed class)

  • PRIVATEMENU (Grants access to private menu items)

  • PRIVATEFORUM1 (Example private forum class)

    • ... Active user class list is displayed

  • Guests (Fixed class)

  • Members (Fixed class)

  • No One (inactive) (Fixed class)

  • Admin (Fixed class)


If selected, news item will appear above all others Select if news item will be sticky


Admin Area » Content » News » Categories You can separate your news items into different categories, and allow visitors to display only the news items in those categories.

Upload your news icon images into either ../e107_themes/-yourtheme-/images/ or themes/shared/newsicons/.

Create News Category

Category Name

Required field

Category friendly URL string

To make this work, you need to enable 'SEF URLs' config profile from URL Configuration area

Category meta keywords

Used on news category list page

Category meta description

Used on news category list page

Category management permission

Which group of site administrators are able to manage this category related news Category Icon

Click Create News Category / Update News Category / Cancel.

Existing News Categories

  • ID

  • Icon

  • Category / SEF String

  • Manage Permissions

  • Options

    • Edit

    • Delete

  • Order

News Preferences

Admin Area » Content » News » News Preferences

URL identifier

Set a string to be used in news pages URL. This will only work proper .htaccess rules and eURL config Resolved URL based on current value: <http:/> /yourwebsite. tld/news/

Manage Site URLs

Configure Core URLs

  • Main

  • Default

  • News

  • Default

  • Config Profile [SEF URLs]

  • SEF URLs

    • You'll need mod_rewrite installed and running on your server (Apache Web Server). After enabling this profile go to your site root folder, rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and uncomment the corresponding line.

    • Profile Location: /e107_files/e_url/core/news/apache_mod_rewrite/

  • Users

    • Default

Configure Plugin URLs

  • The list is empty

  • Enabled

News Category Columns?

News posts to display per page?

News posts to display in archive ?

First update the preferences with the changed display per page setting, then update again after setting the news archive preference. (0 is un-activated)

Set the title for the news archive

Modification of the news-item author can be done by

Submit-News maybe accessed by

Enable WYSIWYG editor on Submit-News page

  • Enabled

Enable Image uploading on Submit News page

  • Enabled

Automatic resizing of submitted image

width in pixels or leave blank to disable.

Show new date header

  • Enabled

If this box is ticked, a box containing the date will be displayed above news items posted on a new day, useful for distinguishing posts on different days

Use non-standard template for news layout

  • Enabled

if the theme you're using has a news layout template, use this instead of the generic layout

Text to show at the top of Submit News

Submitted News

Admin Area » Content » News » Submitted News

Lists submitted items pending approval.


Admin Area » Content » News » Maintenance

Recalculate comment counts

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