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Searchable Areas

Searchable Areas You can set access User Class, display Order and Edit Search Config from this screen.

By default the following Core Features and Plugins are listed.

  • News

  • Comments

  • Registered Members

  • Downloads

  • Custom Pages

  • Chatbox

  • Google

Additional Plugins will be listed here once installed.

Searchable Comments Areas

Set User Class


Search page accessible to user class

Highlight keywords on referred to page

Display relevance value

Allow user to select searchable areas

Allow users to search more than one area at a time

Searchable areas selection method

Restrict time allowed between searches (max 5 mins)

Search sort method

* MySql

  • PHP limited to _ results (leave blank for no limit)

If your site includes Ideographic languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, you must use the PHP sort method.

Only match whole words

This setting only applies when the search sort method is PHP. If your site includes Ideographic languages such as Chinese and Japanese you must have this set to off.

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