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This core feature allows you to send emails to selected registered site users.

Mailout Main Features

  • Create/Send Mail

  • Saved emails

  • Pending Mailshots

  • Held Mailshots

  • Completed Mailshots

  • Preferences

  • Maintenance

Create/Send Mail

  • To

    • Choose User Class

    • User-Match (User Name, User Login, User Email)

      • contains (enter phrase)

    • Last Visit

      • Before/Equal/After: Date (dd-mm-yy)

    • User-Match (2nd filter)

    • User-Match (3rd filter)

  • Email Title (not sent):

    • Saved Title for the mail message

  • From Name:

    • From User Name

  • From Email:

    • From Email Address

  • Cc:

    • Copy to

  • Bcc:

    • Blind Copy to

  • Subject:

    • Email Subject

  • Send format:

    • Text Only

    • Text and HTML

    • Include Theme

  • Include images in email

  • There are currently no existing downloads.

  • Message

    • BB Codes

      • Features BB Code

        • |DISPLAYNAME|

        • |USERNAME|

        • |SIGNUP_LINK|

        • |USERID|


Choose Save or Send Email when finished.

Create an email, give it a meaningful title, and select the list of recipients. You can save everything as a template for later, or send immediately.

Email addresses may be contributed by plugins (such as newsletter), and duplicates are removed when the mail is sent Any attachment is selected from the list of valid downloads.

Mail may be sent as plain text (most universal, and least at risk of being classed as spam), or as HTML (in which case a plain text alternative is automatically generated). The theme style may optionally be added to the email

Saved emails

Select and use a saved email template to send a mailshot. Delete any template no longer required.

  • Mail Ref

  • Title

  • Subject

  • Options

    • Edit/Send Mail

    • Delete Mail

Pending Mailshots

List of mailshots released for sending, together with current status. The mail scheduler task will process these emails as it is able, taking account of the earliest and latest sending dates you set.

Held Mailshots

List of emails which have been prepared for sending, but not yet released.

Completed Mailshots

List of completed mailshots. Allows you to see the sending results.

Mailshot Preferences

Configure mailshot options.

A test email is sent using the current method and settings.

Emailing Method

Use SMTP to send mail if possible. The settings will depend on your host's mail server.

Default email format

Emails may be sent either in plain text only, or in HTML format. The latter generally gives a better appearance, but is more prone to being filtered by various security measures. If you select HTML, a separate plain text part is added.

Bulk mail controls

The values you set here will depend on your host, and on the number of emails you send; it may be possible to set all values to zero so that the mail queue is emptied virtually instantly.

Bounced Emails

You can specify an email address to receive the return response when an email is undeliverable. If you have control over your server, you can specify the separate scheduler-driven auto-processing script; this receives bounce messages as they arrive, and updates status instantly. Otherwise you can specify a separate email account, which can be checked either periodically (using the scheduler), or manually via the user options menu. Normally this will be a standard POP3 account; use the TLS-related options only if specifically required by your host

Email Address Sources

If you have additional mail-related plugins, you can select which of them may contribute email addresses to the list.


The logging option creates a text file in the system log directory. This must be deleted periodically. The 'logging only' options allow you to see exactly who would receive emails if actually sent. The 'with errors' option fails every 7th email, primarily for testing

  • Send test email

    • Click to send email to

  • Emailing method

    • If unsure, leave as php

  • SMTP Server:

  • SMTP Username: (optional)

  • SMTP Password: (optional)

  • SMTP Features

    • (Use SSL for gmail/googlemail)

    • Send bulk SMTP emails in blocks

  • Use VERP for bulk mailing

  • Sendmail-path:

  • Default email format

    • (Used for some non-bulk emails)

  • Bulk mailing controls

    • Pause bulk mailing every emails for seconds.

  • Used mostly with SMTP keepalive.

    • A pause of more than 30 seconds may cause the browser to time-out

    • Maximum number of emails to send per scheduler tick

    • Value will depend on a number of factors, including how often your mail queue scheduler job is triggered and the rate at which your ISP will accept outgoing mail. Zero to clear queue each time

  • Supplementary email address sources

    • calendar_menu

  • Mailshot logging

    • Include email info in log

  • Bounced Email Processing

  • Processing method

  • Email address

  • Auto-process script

    • /opt/lampp/htdocse_HANDLER_ABSbounce_handler.php

    • IMPORTANT! You need to make this file executable

    • (Your server has to be configured to use this script)

  • Last Bounce Processed

    • Never

  • Email address

  • Incoming Mail server

  • Account (user) Name

  • Password

  • Account type

  • Delete Bounced Mails after checking

  • Check for bounces automatically

    • If checked, you will need to activate the task in the scheduler

  • Save Changes

Mailshot Maintenance

Maintenance functions for the mail database.

  • Tidy database tables

    • Does various consistency checks on the data, corrects counts, deletes temporary data

Click Do It! to execute the command.

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