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The Front Page settings control the pages that are shown to the visitors of your website. There are two types of pages that can be defined:



Home Page

The page that is used when accessing the 'home' of your website.

Post-login page

The page that is used after a user has logged in onto your website.

Each of these pages can be different for different User Classes

To determine which page is shown, the Front Page Rules are used.

By default, when no settings are changed, the news.php (News) page is shown.


Front Page Rules

The screen displays a list of current rules, including the default rule which is shown below:


User Class

Home Page

Post-login page


Everyone (public)



The rules are searched in order. The first rule that matches the current user is applied. That rule then determines the Home Page and, if set, the Post-login page, for that specific user.

  • Their order can be changed by clicking on the arrows.

  • Rules may be deleted by clicking on the 'Delete' icon, or edited by clicking on the 'Edit' icon.

  • To add a new Front Page Rules, click the Add new rule button.

If no matching rule is found: .... TODO: check (news.php, welcome message?)

TODO: add example with different userclasses to clarify the ordering system

Create new Front Page Rules

There are two tabs: one for defining the Home Page and one for defining the Post-login page.

  • For each tab, you can select an area of your website that will be shown. You can also choose to define a Custom URL to link to another website for example.

Some plugins have specific Frontpage settings. When such a plugin is installed, you will find those settings listed here as well.

  • You can then specify to which User Class the rule is applied. Each rule can be applied to everybody on your website or only to specific groups of users (such as guests).

  • To save the Front Page rule, click the "Update" button.

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